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Understanding The Selection Of Mist Eliminators

Date: 2022-12-22 | Author: Samuel Chuku

Mist eliminator filters are vital in the gas scrubbing process because they remove fine droplets from the air before it is sent into the environment. Since the introduction of stricter environmental laws to significantly limit the expulsion of polluting gasses from gas-washing plants, mist eliminators have become more vital than ever. Mist eliminators can separate droplets as fine as 10 micrometers or less, and it does so with a low pressure drop. Before designing a mist eliminator filter, it helps to gain an understanding of how droplets are formed and how they flow in a gas. Several different factors need to be considered before choosing the best method to eliminate droplets from gas.

Understanding The Selection Of Mist Eliminators

Some of the mist eliminator filter criteria include:

  • Size of the droplets
  • Pressure drop
  • Flooding potential

How To Select The Right Mist Eliminator

Liquid droplets are created in different sizes depending on how they were formed. There are three major categories of droplets based on their size: fogs, mists, and sprays. When the droplets created are of a size less than 3 microns, they are categorized as fog. Sizes of droplets between 3 microns and greater are termed a mist. Lastly, those droplets that are larger than 20 microns are called a spray.

The mist eliminator is chosen depending on the size of the droplets. For instance, particles termed as mist would be best suited to a wire knitted mesh demister. On the other hand, for particles that are 20 microns or larger, vane-type mist eliminators are most used.

There are many mist-eliminating devices available on the market today. One popular example is candle filters. Candle filters are made using a robust wire mesh made from stainless steel. They can filter out droplets of sizes 10 to 150 microns.

Another example is a polymer filter candle which is designed to get rid of solid impurities. They are popularly used in the chemical, textile, and plastic industries. There are various types of polymer candle filters as well, namely pleated wire mesh candle filter and pleated sintered fiber candle filter. The filters usually need to tolerate extremely high pressures and temperatures.

The entire process or application can become compromised if a filter’s performance and strength are unreliable. For a more reliable and efficient technology, visit Kimre’s website, where you can find the best mist-eliminating devices.

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