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The Salient Features of Demister Pads

Date: 2018-06-12 | Author: Admin

Mist EliminatorDemister pads or mist eliminators are used to keep large water droplets from circulating throughout a facility. They trap the excess moisture in the air and keep these water droplets from advancing beyond a certain point. Typically, these water droplets are contaminated with toxic chemicals that pose a threat to the rest of the facility and its employees. The pads are used around pipes and vents that release water vapor into the air, stopping these chemicals from spreading throughout the facility or from being released into the environment. Learn more about the salient features of demister pads and why they are so useful.

Easy to Install

You do not need a lot of time to install a demister pad onto a piece of equipment. They are designed to slide right into the opening to prevent toxic chemicals from leaking out. These materials are also cost-efficient because they are corrosion-resistant. They are typically made with stainless steel and exotic alloys that have been annealed to prevent corrosion. As the facility manager, you do not need to worry about replacing these pads on a regular basis. They will continue to be effective long after the original purchase date.

Nearly 100% Mist Elimination

Demister pads are extremely effective when it comes to eliminating mist from the air flow. When mist and vapor steam flows through one of the pads, the vapor is free to move through the pad, while the excess moisture turns into large water droplets and are thus drained out of the system, stopping them from spreading throughout the rest of the facility or into the nearby environment. The pads remove nearly 100% of the moisture carrying potentially harmful chemicals, minimizing their effect on the environment and the rest of facility. Without these pads, excess moisture can also lead to corrosion around the facility, damage or short circuit electrical systems and create a dangerous work environment for your employees.

Available in All Sizes and Shapes

These pads are typically available in all sizes and shapes, making them easy to install on virtually any pipe or exhaust vent. They are placed on the end of the vent and can be designed to fit over any opening to seal off the air flow. Regardless of what kind of facility you manage or what kinds of equipment you are looking to demist, you can find mist eliminator supplies that can custom build the right pads for your facility.

If your facility needs quality demister pads, please contact the professionals at Kimre Inc. for the best in clean air technology. As one of the country’s leading mist eliminator suppliers, Kimre can help you design a series of custom mist elimination pads for your facility to make sure that your company is not negatively affecting the environment.

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