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What features and specifications are required in Demister Pads
Date: 2018-10-17 | Author: Christine McAniff
Demister pads or mist eliminators are used to guarantee filtering efficiency, prevent product loss and equipment damage. Typically mist eliminator pads are located at the top of the vessel before the outlet. Often used in cooling towers, ventilation systems and air scrubbers. Mist eliminators are used in various applications or industries producing acid mist, alkaline…
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The Salient Features of Demister Pads
Date: 2018-06-12 | Author: Admin
Demister pads or mist eliminators are used to keep large water droplets from circulating throughout a facility. They trap the excess moisture in the air and keep these water droplets from advancing beyond a certain point. Typically, these water droplets are contaminated with toxic chemicals that pose a threat to the rest of the facility…
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