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SXF™ Semi-Crossflow Scrubber

The Kimre’s SXF™ Semi-Cross Flow Scrubber is a horizontal cross flow scrubber featuring Kimre™ Technology. The term “semi cross-flow” refers to the scrubbing liquid running down the mesh as the gas flows through it perpendicularly. The SXF™ provides a unique solution for superior performance for cleaning gases of contaminants. The dirty gas flows horizontally through the scrubber through a set of pre-conditioning sprays followed by a series of KON-TANE® Scrubber and Tower Packing stages. The pre-conditioning sprays mainly provide cooling and saturation of the gas while the KON-TANE® packing provides exceptional mass transfer for various gas scrubbing and absorption applications. A final B-GON® Mist Eliminator stage is designed and installed to capture mist and entrainment.

The design of an SXF™ scrubber can accommodate a series of independent, individual scrubbing and absorption processes in one common vessel. While the design is optimum for services prone to pluggage due to heavy particulate loading, various other applications will benefit from this unique scrubber.

SXF™ Features

  • High efficiency, guaranteed to meet stringent emission standards
  • Low pressure drop
  • Flexible vessel size and shape
  • Modular vessel fabrication provides quick delivery and installation
  • Flexible component adaptability: KON-TANE® and B-GON® designs can be exchanged for optimized or reduced performance
  • Simplified maintenance with:
    • Easy installation and removal of KON-TANE® and B-GON® utilizing PANTS HANGER™ cassette or BATTEN BAR™ module assemblies
    • Removable spray lances
    • On-line cleaning service of KON-TANE® and B-GON®
  • In one common vessel, each stage can function individually, as a subsystem, to:
      Treat different pollutants without cross-contamination
  • Independently control liquid-to-gas (L/G) ratio
  • Recover different solution concentrations
  • Apply cooling or heating, addition or removal of liquids
  • Low operating costs: longer up-time, energy savings and minimized maintenance costs

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