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The Role Of Oil Mist Separator In The Manufacturing Plant

Date: 2018-05-28 | Author: Admin

“A filtration system which eliminates oil mist from the exhaust air, thereby creating a cleaner and safer environment.”

Oil mist separators are an important component used for the extraction and filtration of oil mist. Typically, they are used for large-scale compressors, gas and steam turbines, as well as generators and other equipment with oil systems. Oil mist eliminators ensure clean, oil-free exhaust air.

As particles are removed, what left behind is clean uncontaminated oil.

An oil mist separator operates by using the coalescing effect inside a filtering unit. Oil-laden air is led into the filer by way of vacuum. A side channel vacuum pump creates the suction which can be adjusted manually via an additional air valve.

The air flows through the inlet tube then onto the cavity, then through the filter house. Once here, the fine oil droplets join with larger droplets and are retained in the fibers. The oil droplets in the air stream are led through a series of microfiber cartridges which make up the oil mist separator.

As the oil-laden air travels this “obstacle course”, the considerably heavier and larger oil particles get trapped and compressed. They are then separated from the main air stream. As they collect on the separator walls, they are pulled by gravity down the shaft and into a reservoir in the bottom of the filtering tunnel.

Once collected, the oil is sent back to the lubricant oil tank to be reused. As a result of oil mist filter application, the oil fumes are prevented from being released into the atmosphere where they would act as a pollutant. Additionally, the loss of valuable lubrication oil is minimized, resulting in a far more efficient operation as it will need to be replenished far less frequently.

Finally, the release of oil is not only an ecological concern but a matter or equipment safety.

If allowed into the air, oil fumes may damage downstream equipment and make your operation unsafe and inefficient.

Kimre Oil Mist Filter Technology Fills And Exceeds All Safe Operation Requirements:

  • Maintaining constant vacuum throughout the lubrication system
  • Oil mist filter is highly efficient
  • Perfect retention of lubricant oil chemical composition
  • Nearly a hundred percent retention rate of reusable lube oil
  • Perfect compliance with federal environmental regulations
  • Clean, safe and dry exhaust air on the vent output

Each of our oil and gas separator process systems is implemented as an individual design, made to be integrated with your existing systems and machinery. We work in close with your specifications and the needs of your facility.

The result is an extremely efficient oil mist separator system that can be implemented and serviced with ease, increasing your operation’s safety and overall efficiency.

Feel free to contact us for more details about the possible ways to implement our oil mist separator system to benefit your specific operation.

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