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Remove Contaminant Liquids Easily with Coalescer Pads

Date: 2017-06-12 | Author: Admin

One of the main challenges faced by modern industry, whether it is fertilizer manufacturing, metal manufacturing, auto mechanics, chemical plants amongst various others is dealing with dangerous pollutants.

This challenge has many factors, here we focus on two primary components:

  1. Efficient pollutant /contaminant removal
  2. Cost effective removal of contaminants

The ideal solution for the liquid separation process for example, which is the topic of discussion here, would be a method that is both highly efficient, and extremely cost effective.

Introducing Kimre’s LIQUI-NOMIX® Liquid Coalescers

This patented technology is the “definition” of efficiency and cost effectiveness in the liquid separation process.

It works by “polishing” streams of water to catch and remove liquid contaminants from them.

The result is a below 2 PPM water quality, fit for absolutely any industry standard.

Electrostatic Coalescer Transformer Technology

The LIQUI-NOMIX® liquid separation process is used in many leading Original Equipment Manufacturers of oil/water separators, which is in itself a testament of its value and efficiency.

It is an entirely new type of oil coalescer, or “separator”, in that it’s completely different than the traditional polyurethane foam coalescers. Those more typical separators absorb contaminants while mostly blocking the water’s flow. This obstruction puts a limit on how much water can be processed in any given amount of time.

The coalescer technology we use has a unique filament structure that rather than stand in the way of the water flow, leads it in a tortuous path, along which it is cleansed. The walls of this path have a large surface area made of oleophilic polypropylene, which pulls oil contaminants from the stream as the clean water passes on completely unobstructed.

Moreover, the manner in which the water is directed increases its flow rate, and the slower-moving oil particles are naturally pushed to the sides of the stream where they are caught by its walls. This enhances the efficiency of this technology considerably. Finally, the smaller oil droplets that remain in the water and can’t be separated by gravitational settling, are collected by the LIQUI-NOMIX® fibers, making the process even more refined.

The result is a groundbreaking technology that makes the traditional methods simply obsolete.

Kimre is the original mesh media, with over 45 years of experience, let Kimre be an expert in your process.

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