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Quality Mist Eliminators, A Solution For Mist In The Paper Industry

Date: 2019-11-19 | Author: Christine McAniff

Profit or Pollution? We live in a world that would baffle even our most recent ancestors. Currently we are in an era where manufactures of goods can produce and ship items in the same week. Consumerism is at an all-time high. Demand for same day delivery is on the rise. Companies all over the world are over polluting to meet the goals of the modern-day consumer demands.

We could dissect any product, but here we will choose the manufacturing of paper. Paper, a simple product that exists with any mail order delivery. If you look at the companies that make paper products, such as envelopes, letter paper and cardboard, you will see that there is an entire system in place to mass produce. It is said that, approx. 411 million metric tons of paper was produced in 2016. More than half of that production was attributable to packaging paper. And for that reason, there are entire systems in place to effectively reduce pollution that results from the paper making process. Therefore, socially responsible companies should invest and maintain their scrubber systems with high quality pads to ensure proper mist elimination.

Mist Elimination is just as it sounds, elimination of mist. Mist is a common occurrence that impacts paper mills productivity across the globe. Mist elimination is a much-needed component in high pressure chemical washes. To make paper, wood pulp and other organic fibers will pass through a process that uses chemical and mechanical mechanisms to make the fiber into bleached pulp. Typically, sulfite is the chemical used in the process. Other chemicals in the production include, magnesium bisulfite. When the process is completed, the steam and chemical gases must be vented. During production, emissions are recovered by the papermill’s chemical recovery process. A major part of this process happens in scrubber systems that are designed to provide quality mist elimination.

Qualified engineering companies can custom design entire systems or modify and retrofit existing equipment to ensure maximum mist elimination. Scrubber systems are designed and implemented to ensure and aide in the reduction of common pollutants that are suspended in the air stream. These elaborate systems are supported by mist eliminators. In the mass production of paper products, it is imperative to your production to have high quality mist eliminators. Contact us to learn more about our complete line of mist eliminators and to ensure that you are in achieving optimal performance.

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