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Properly Designed Mist Eliminators Help to Keep Pulmonary Disease at Bay

Date: 2020-03-17 | Author: Christine McAniff

With the world currently focusing on microscopic virus and the harmful lung issues that these viruses can cause; we naturally see people concerned for their respiratory health. This is a good time to look at mist elimination pads and their efficiency to work in keeping us safe from harmful pollutants that can also cause harm to our lungs and bodies as well. These daily pollutants are generated from cars, factories, smoke, dust, and industries that produce our most needed items. These mechanisms release harmful particulates that escape into the air and reach our lungs causing damage if the exposure is in large quantities or over time. Therefore, this blog will stress the importance keeping the general population safe from microscopic pollutants by utilizing a properly designed mist elimination filter.

Filtration efforts to mitigate these pollutants are in the form of mist elimination pads or filters. Industries that produce products or chemicals utilize engineering companies to design and sometimes fabricate mist eliminators for their small- or large-scale scrubber systems and vessels. Many companies, such as Kimre supply these filters to industries to keep them in compliance with the EPA and local environmental agencies. Quality designed mist elimination filters are the lifeline to clean air and the link to optimal operations. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to for companies to invest in fitting their capital equipment with properly designed mist elimination pads to filter out particulate matter. Such pads will be designed to filter out pollutants such as smoke particles from burning oil or fossil fuel or dust particles from industries that use grinding, crusting or pulverization such as cement plants. Mist is a known an occurrence which needs filtration, as well as vapors that come from sprays such as pesticides in agriculture. Fumes which are larger than sprays are generated from chemical reactions and will need to be contained. All of these will need to flow through a filtration system, so they do not make it into the air and into our bodies. And these filtration systems will need to be fitted with quality mist elimination pads or fiber bed filters depending on the size of the contaminant.

Adults are very vulnerable to pulmonary disease from exposure, yet the most vulnerable remain the elderly and children. Effects on health can range from eye irritation to shortness of breath and asthma or even cancer. The effects are real and that is what the mist elimination solutions need to be taken into serious consideration. Mist Elimination pads are designed to combat pollution and will mitigate the situation if designed properly. However, if designed faulty they will leak, and pollutants and contaminants will escape.

Aside from pollution escaping the vessel and causing harm, the mesh pads will fail and cause system delays and possible shut down. This means that the companies will not be able to operate, and production loss will yield financial loss along with proposed fines. Therefore, it is important to understand the role of a mist eliminator in keeping operations safe for nearby residents and plant employees as well as keeping operating cost down and increasing productivity. To learn more about filtration and mist eliminator pads contact us at kimre.

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