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Mist Eliminator Manufacturers

Date: 2021-04-09 | Author: Christine McAniff

Mist eliminators have played a vital role in manufacturing and process operations for decades. It is now more important than ever to invest in high quality mist eliminators designed by experienced mist eliminator manufacturers. Mist Eliminators were created to remove contaminants or entrainments, such as oil mist, sulfuric acid mist, and chromic acid mist from the gas stream in absorption towers, separation tanks, evaporators, cooling towers, and gas separators. Industries such as metallurgy, petroleum, phosphates, and sulfuric acid rely on mist eliminators in their process. By using properly designed and installed mist eliminators, companies can meet and exceed state and federal standards, reduce operating cost, and protect downstream equipment, while increasing the amount of processing and recovery of valuable materials. As pollution rises due to an increase in manufacturing, there is a growing need for reputable mist eliminator manufacturers.

mist eliminator manufacturers

Mist eliminator companies that have experience, will know how to design both horizontal and vertical mist eliminators, also known as pads. The design of the mist eliminator is very much a science. The final product will depend on specifications such as orientation, thickness, flow, velocity, and spacing in the vessel amongst other considerations. The company must have through knowledge of the process and how droplets are generated and transported in the gas to design the best pad. It is imperative that the end user consult the mist eliminator manufacturer to ensure all aspects have been discussed.

Mist eliminator manufactures can often design mesh mist eliminators. These operate by utilizing composite mesh to capture and separate different size mist droplets from gas stream. Droplets are collected on the mist eliminator media by three different methods. Inertial Impaction, Interception, and Brownian diffusion. As the gas rises within the mist at a certain speed, it will pass through the mist eliminator and collide with the different surfaces and strands of fillaments through inertia. Fine droplets will collect to form larger droplets at which point, they separate from the gas, they will then fall with gravity from the pad. This is how the vapor is separated from the gases before emitted into the atmosphere.

Typically made of corrosion and rust-resistant materials such as stainless steel or polypropylene, mist eliminators are very durable and offer a long service life. Although typically round or square, they can be custom-designed in any size and shape. Larger pads may be designed in sections that are narrow enough to pass through a manway. This allows for easy installation and maintenance as they are lightweight and easy to transport. Mist eliminators are designed to have low-pressure drops and large surface area. It is important for mist eliminator companies to provide a training manual to the customer about proper maintenance. As time passes, the pad will become clogged and prone to flooding and pressure drop and will need to be cleaned to avoid these problems.

When evaluating mist eliminator suppliers, it is important to choose a company that will understand your chemical process in order to design a custom mist eliminator for your system and process needs. Being a retrofit or a new design, many considerations will come into play for the design of the demister pad. Particle size will determine the type of mist elimination for the application, such as Fiber Bed Filters vs. Structured Mesh Pads. Definition of the droplets size in the current system will be necessary to determine the proper design. Droplet’s definition are based on diameter. For example, Sprays are larger than 10 microns. Mist are 10 microns to 1 micron. Aerosols are smaller than 1 micron. A qualified mist eliminator company will study the process and work with the client along the way to ensure all aspects are considered.

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