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Mist Eliminator Manufacturers: Helping To Achieve A Clean Environment

Date: 2017-03-30 | Author: Admin

Mist eliminators are one of the main safeguards not only in keeping the environment safe from contaminants, but also for maintaining a high productivity in plants around the world.

Mist Elimination and pollution are vast and important topics, here we can only skim the surface. Before we go a little deeper into some the many benefits of mist elimination pads, let’s answer one important question:

What is a Mist Eliminator?

Mist elimination or “demisting” can be defined as the mechanical separation or removal of liquid droplets or mists from vapor streams.

Failure to effectively capture these mists often leads to higher contaminant emissions, production loss, corrosion and increased maintenance costs.

Mist Eliminator

Mist elimination pads are used both in air intake and air exhaust points. They assist in keeping facilities and the environment safe by capturing contaminants that would otherwise create pollution and cause manufacturing issues.

Accumulated mist can gradually cause damage to machinery. Mist elimination pads assist with keeping machinery operating optimally.

The same mist, if not caught, can also inflict damage to a worker’s health and lead to litigation and worse.

Kimre mist eliminators belong in three main categories:

  1. Fiber Bed Filter Mist Eliminators
  2. B-Gon Mist Eliminators®
  3. The Driftor®

The Fiber Bed Filter, also known as a candle filter, is a high efficiency device which is used to trap soluble airborne mist particles. They are essentially cylindrical lined tubes that are used as beds where mist particles sink and get trapped. Their exact compound depends on the mist they are designed to trap and contain.

The B-Gon® Mist Eliminator pads are three-dimensional ladder-like mediafilters that are put in the way of the air stream. They are designed to capture non-soluble airborne contaminants. The mist droplets are removed primarily by impaction and interception. The specifications will vary depending the targeted application. Kimre developed the B-Gon® Mist Eliminator to allow manufactures to custom design our pads for their specific needs.

The DRIFTOR® Drift Eliminator can solve some of the most common problems associated with drift loss. Drift is water that is lost from a cooling tower as liquid droplets are drawn in and transported in the exhaust air. The media is made of polypropylene material, using our coarsest diameter monofilaments. It is engineered to collect droplets and to drain collected liquid away from the gas stream.

Here are just a few uses of mist eliminators:

  • In mechanical pumps to stop oil mist
  • To monitor amounts of air contaminants
  • Chemical plant emission / vapor control
  • Plasma etching aggressive gas control

If your company requires mist elimination solutions, Kimre has a wide variety of advanced filtering technologies to offer you. We have over 40 years of experience and are proud to have a long track record of outstanding service. Contact us for more details at sales@kimre.com or visit us at www.kimre.com.

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