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Lighter Side of Kimre

Birthday Party

birthday party

Christmas Party 2019

Christmas 2019Christmas 2019Christmas 2019

Christmas 2019Christmas 2019Christmas 2019

Guys Fishing

Guys Fishing1 Guys Fishing2 Guys Fishing3

Guys Fishing4 Guys Fishing5


Lis and mary voted Laz and Frank voted Voted mary and viv

Voted Voted plant guys Christine voted

International Sales Meeting 2018

International Sales Meeting1 International Sales Meeting6 International Sales Meeting2

International Sales Meeting3 International Sales Meeting5 International Sales Meeting4

Best pic International Sales Meeting Best pic International Sales Meeting2 Group pic International Sales Meeting

Halloween at Kimre

Kimre Haloween 2017Kimre Haloween DressHalloween Kimre President

Halloween at Kimre1 Halloween at Kimre Halloween at Kimre2

https://www.kimre.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/DSC_0337.jpg Halloween at Kimre3 Halloween at Kimre7

Halloween at Kimre5 Halloween at Kimre8 Halloween at Kimre4

Hiking Kimre London Kimre Tampa

Halloween at Kimre9 Chris and Terry Chris Fishing Kimre

Micheal Kimre Loom Kimre Halloween at Kimre15

Halloween at Kimre10 Halloween at Kimre13 Halloween at Kimre11

Halloween at Kimre17 Halloween at Kimre12 Halloween at Kimre18

Halloween at Kimre14 Halloween at Kimre16

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