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Kimre is Combating Pollution

Date: 2017-01-05 | Author: Admin

Creating a cleaner and brighter world for future generations

It is no secret that mother nature is in a war against pollution. Our crops, creeks, lakes, rivers, oceans, deserts, forests, and mountains are at stake. Breathing is a birthright, and every day the air we breathe is more and more polluted. The water we drink is polluted. As we take a closer look at this shared environment, we see it’s fragility, deterioration and state of constant battle. Kimre knows that we have a responsibility as a society and as a business to step in and protect this lovely planet. We may be a small company, but we stand behind a big cause!

Education is the key to change. Please check our website for future posts about solutions to pollution… and what you can do at home to join us!

Keeping our environment safe, that is what we stand for.


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