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Date: 2017-01-05 | Author: Admin

Working with our global partners for a cleaner environment

Kimre is an industry leader in the world marketplace for the design, manufacturing and successful implementation of high performance wet scrubbers, mist eliminators and fiber bed filters.

Our technical staff is comprised of multi-disciplined professional (PE), senior level and junior engineers whose capabilities qualify Kimre to effectively design and construct full scale systems on our own, or with EPC Contractors around the globe.

All customer requests are evaluated by competent and experienced engineers who strive to ensure your system will operate at desired capacities and maximum efficiencies. We maintain pilot test equipment in-house that can be shipped to customer facilities to determine process conditions and evaluate the efficiency of our scrubbing media in a specific application.

Kimre considers all customers to be our partners in the global movement to sustain and improve environmental conditions worldwide.

We also consider no order to big, or to small, and we appreciate the opportunity to review any request to improve your plant operations and the surrounding environment.

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