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How To Keep Your Scrubber Working Properly

Date: 2021-07-22 | Author: Admin

Scrubbers are groups of different devices that come together to control air contamination through many mediums. A large component of scrubbers are the filters used to remove gases and particulates of different sizes in order to purify industrial exhaust streams. To keep the scrubber working properly, mist eliminator filters are used because they collect and remove dangerous mist that would contaminate the air.

mist eliminator filters

Mist eliminators come in different diameters made to fit the needs of the scrubber/ system. The filter is composed of layers of filters piled on top of one another. The layers are made up of different materials, such as thermoplastic that can withstand high heat while collecting harmful particulates and acidic mists. Each layer can also be comprised of different diameter sizes based on the particle size that needs to be captured. Choosing the right diameter filter for your Scrubber will be the difference between an efficient scrubber and one that releases contaminants. For example, if the diameter of the filter is too large, unwanted particulates can escape and contaminate the air. If the diameter is too small, clogs can form in the system impacting flow. In either case, the result is an inefficient filter that will negatively impact the system as a whole.

When considering how to maintain your system, the type of mist eliminator is also important. Since each system is designed to handle different types of contaminants, the mist eliminator used should match the requirements of the system. For example, when running a system that deals with particles that tend to cause pressure drops within the system, using mist eliminator mesh as it is designed for that purpose will help to combat pressure drops.

Another way to maintain your scrubber is to clean, repair or replace your mist eliminator to ensure a proper and long-lasting system. Cleaning your filter can reduce plugging which occurs when substances build up and clog the system. Plugging can also disrupt system processes and force the system to work harder and use more energy than necessary. In essence, without a clean filter, the system can malfunction, overwork or stop working entirely. One way to avoid such things is to clean the mist eliminator filter and use the correct mist eliminators for your system. Replacing your filter is also a good way to maintain your system. Over time filters can degrade and become less efficient and more porous allowing contaminants through. Therefore, replacing your filter is a viable option to maintain an efficient system.

To ensure that the scrubber is working efficiently, the manufacturer of choice is important. The best way to keep the system running and working efficiently is to work with reliable mist eliminator manufacturers who specialize in producing filters that fit your system’s needs. Utilizing a quality mist eliminator made by a responsible company will ensure your system efficiency and productivity.

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