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With a vision to clean the world and create a better environment for future generations, Kimre was founded in 1973 by MIT Graduate and Florida native, George C. Pedersen. For over 50 years, we have been proud to locally manufacture our products in the United States. Fueled with passion and determination, Kimre grew from a small local business with a big vision, to being a global leader in the battle against pollution.

Kimre is committed to designing innovative products which contribute pollution control. Our goal is to clean and protect the environment for future generations.

Our North American operations include 2 facilities. Our principal manufacturing facility is located 20 minutes south of Miami, Florida. We are lucky to be just 20 minutes from the beautiful waters of Key Largo. Our main facility consisting of 50,000 sq ft of indoor work space surrounded by ample grounds and testing facilities. Our second facility is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with factory premises spanning 8000 sq ft.

Kimre’s dedicated and experienced engineers are specialists in various applications. While we are honored to be a respected resource in the pollution industry, however, we take even more pride to be recognized a leader in Clean Air Technology specifically regarding the products that we have designed, invented and patented.

We routinely analyze target applications and help customers determine the most cost-effective, optimal solution. We are experts in optimizing your process. We at Kimre, engineer the product to satisfy the process needs. We DO NOT require you to limit the process to” fit the product”.

We are proud to be one of the largest manufacturers of sheet media in the world. Our surface media is made in three different configurations, namely "cross flow," "vertical flow," and "inclined flow," and in a multitude of media densities.

By designing and building air pollution control systems, we can achieve cleaner and safer working environments inside and cleaner and safer emissions produced outside. By reducing emissions in plants around the world, we have increased production in many companies, simultaneously reducing energy and maintenance costs for their business.

Every member of our team brings a unique skill set, with generations of combined experience, our engineers, technicians, fabrication and operations team have mastered our field. We operate from a point of passion about what we do. It shown in the products that we produce and the services that we provide.

Our success was built upon trust. We promise to deliver prompt and consistent customer service. We have been partners with many of the same clients since the beginning. Our trusted partnerships have grown to many companies and industries around the world. We want to thank our loyal customers and we would like to develop the same trusting relationship with you!

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