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Fiber Bed Filters

KImre, Inc. Fiber Bed Filters are designed to provide the final user with many years of optimal performance and minimal operation or maintenance requirements. We can provide complete Fiber Bed Filters Systems for flow rates from 10 CFM to 250,000 CFM (15 Cubic Meters/Hr to 425,000 Cubic Meters/Hr).

Smaller single filter systems can be provided with a vessel or skid mounted fan and be quick set up, connected, and be ready to go. For intermediate ranges of flows, skid mounted systems can be provided or separate vessels, fans, prefilters and exhaust stacks can be supplied as site conditions warrant. Larger systems require field erection work which will be witnessed by Kimre project engineering to provide advice for a successful installation.

Fiber Bed Filters mist collectors are used to trap, collect and remove liquids and soluble particulate suspended in a gas stream. They are also used to collect insoluble solids.

Kimre Fiber Bed Filters work under (3) three basic particle collection principles:

Impaction: Large size particles (> 3 microns) flowing in the same direction of the fluid that contains them. The fluid will travel around any obstacle in its path; however the large size particles inertia will make them continue to follow the fluid’s original path which will impact them to the filters fibers where they are collected.

Interception: Medium size particles (>1 micron particle size

Brownian Diffusion: Very small particles (< 1 micron) travel randomly within the fluids travelling path as they are constantly being displaced by larger particles. The smaller their size, the greater will be their direction oscillation. Although these small particles can easily escape the filter fibers their erratic motion often times is perpendicular to the flow direction bring them in contact with the filter fiber surface where they are trapped and collected. The collected particles coalesce into larger droplets and drain from the filter assembly to a collecting tube-sheet or bottom drain plate. Brownian diffusion turndown is unlimited; efficiencies up to 99.9% particle collection can be achieved within an average pressure drop of 2” to 20” of water column.

The design of the Kimre Fiber Bed Filters System starts with selection of the Fiber Bed Filters elements. The filter units rest on or are suspended from a tube sheet inside a closed tank. Gas flow can be from inside the filter face to the outside (forward flow) or outside the filter face to the inside (reverse flow). Concentric filters combine reverse flow and forward flow into parallel beds combined into a single filter, optimizing efficiency and pressure drop.
Integral prefilters can be provided to improve performance and life of the Fiber Bed Filters in the system. For additional protection, Kimre B-GON® Mist Eliminators, panel filters or pocket filters can be used at the inlet to the system. Various replacement options are available to facilitate replacement of the prefilters.


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