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Drift Eliminator’s And Uses In The Industry

Date: 2017-10-27 | Author: Admin

The drift eliminator is an important component of most cooling towers used today in various industries where harmful droplets have the potential to be released into the environment. These droplets are composed of minerals, chemicals and water, which can impact not only the environment but your equipment. These harmful droplets are known as drift. Water loss from a cooling tower is inevitable, however making sure the water is harmless vapor is possible and essential.

To address the loss of harmful droplets, a drift eliminator must be installed. However, a one-time installation is not the answer, there must be properly a designed product constructed of quality materials and maintenance to ensure proper functioning.

drift eliminator

Prior to explaining the components, we should elaborate on Kimre’s™ Driftor, Drift Eliminator.

DRIFTOR® Drift Eliminator is an adaptation of the proven B-GON® Mist Eliminator, engineered to collect droplets and to drain collected liquid away from the gas stream using our coarsest diameter monofilaments. It is made of polypropylene material filled with carbon black for protection against ultraviolet deterioration by sunlight and enhanced service life. DRIFTOR® Eliminator can be used to reduce carryover from cross-flow and counter-flow cooling towers, evaporative condensers, coolers, quench towers, or any other tower where drift is a problem

The Cooling Tower Mechanism:

A profile of the drift eliminator: polypropylene material that prevents water loss from the cooling tower into the air. This is accomplished by an interrupting to the water by a directional change of airflow at different points in the cooling tower. By changing the flow, you interrupt the velocity, this in turn stops the water from reaching the exit point. Since water is a key component to the operation of a cooling tower, keeping water in the cooling tower allows for optimal performance. When water comes in contact with the cool air in the heat is then reduced.

As mentioned above, maintenance is required. Regular maintenance cuts down on wasted water, energy and the chance of damage or corrosion to your equipment. It is essential that you choose the right partner when installing your drift eliminator. By using cleanable and reusable media, you can cut down on down time and achieve lower operation costs.

Kimre™ has over 40 years’ experience in pollution abatement, contact us for a custom solution backed by qualified and dedicated engineers.

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