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Demister Pads – Engineered for Any Application

Date: 2018-07-20 | Author: Christine McAniff

Demister pads or mist eliminators are used to guarantee filtering efficiency, prevent product loss and equipment damage. Often used in cooling towers, ventilation systems and air scrubbers. Mist eliminators are used in various applications or industries producing acid mist, alkaline mist, oil mist.

Typically mist eliminator pads are located at the top of the vessel before the outlet. As the liquid droplets pass through a demister pad, they coalesce and form large droplets which drain back into the system. The large droplets are too heavy to reach the surface through the gas stream. This prevents toxic chemicals from being released into the environment. Should these contaminated vapor droplets find their way out of the vessel, they could lead to corrosion around the facility, while damaging electrical systems and create a potentially dangerous work environment.

Engineered for the client’s needs

Mist eliminator pads can be manufactured in all sizes and shapes for vertical or horizontal flow. They can be an innovative design to meet stringent requirements or a retrofit to reduce cost. Mist eliminators can be designed to fit over any opening to create a tortuous path for toxic gasses. Regardless of what kind of facility you manage, you can find a mist eliminator supplier that can custom build the right pads for your facility.

A properly designed and fitted demister pad will be easy to install, resulting in minimal downtime. Demister pads are uniquely engineered and assembled to meet client’s needs. A well-engineered pad will be highly efficient resulting in low pressure drop and fowling. The pads are made of corrosion-resistant materials and designed to withstand elevated temperatures. This allows for long life, minimal cost, and higher production in plant operations.

100% Mist Elimination is possible

Demister pads are extremely effective when it comes to the removal of entrained liquid droplets from the vapor stream. If efficiently designed, constructed of durable materials and properly installed, a mist eliminator pad can remove nearly 100% of solvent losses or emissions.

If your facility needs quality demister pads, please contact the engineers at Kimre Inc. With over 45 years’ experience in mist elimination, we can engineer the right solution for you. Kimre is known as one of the leading mist eliminator suppliers in the world. We are here for all your mist elimination and engineering needs.

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