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Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator: An Innovative Product To Minimize Harmful Drift

Date: 2017-05-04 | Author: Admin

Cooling towers are a specialized heat exchanger that allows water and air to come into contact with one another in efforts to lower the temperature of the hot water in an application.

There are many aspects to cooling towers such as natural or mechanical, crossflow and counter flow, factory assembled or field erected.

Overall, the purpose of a cooling tower is to take the water which has been heated by an industrial process and pump it through the pipes in the cooling tower. The water is then sprayed onto a material which allows exposure to cool air. This process cools the water. The cooled water then gets pumped back through the tower. The process is repeated to maintain a cooling effect on the equipment.

Cooling towers produce evaporation also known drift.

Drift is the loss of water droplets that are deposited in to the environment, these droplets have collected chemicals, oils and other particles that may present a real environmental hazard.

To minimize drift and other mechanical issues, it is imperative to have a well-maintained cooling tower. The tower will function at maximum efficiency and produce less problems down the road.

Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator

The Solution – A Drift Eliminator

As evaporation occurs from the cooling tower, chemicals are released that can cause health hazards, environmental pollutants and lead to mechanical dysfunctions. When a DRIFTOR® drift eliminator is installed, those droplets of water are removed and the dangers they carry are minimized or avoided.

The way this technology works is by setting obstacles in the path, in the form of “fill”, which air passes effortlessly, but water hits and gets redirected to the cooling tower walls. From there it condenses and flows downward to a reservoir, where it is harmlessly disposed of or recirculated.

Installing an efficient cooling tower and drift eliminator reduces drift loss.

At Kimre, the DRIFTOR® Drift Eliminator is made of light weight, flexible polypropylene material. It can solve some of the most common problems associated with drift loss such as, corrosion, short circuiting, icing of fields downwind of the drift tower and emissions of chemicals into the air.

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