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CEO and President

Kimre CEO

George C. Pedersen-CEO

George C. Pedersen is the son of a Danish immigrant who farmed vegetables and instilled the values of hard work and determination. As a result, Mr. Pedersen was on the Dean’s list and received his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, minoring in Nuclear Chemical Engineering in 1962, Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering Practice in 1963, Chemical Engineer degree in 1966 having completed all requirements for a doctorate in Chemical Engineering, except thesis, all at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In addition, he studied graduate-level courses in Nuclear Chemical Engineering, Education in Computers, Human Relations, Business and Professional Engineering.

In 1974, Mr. Pedersen founded Kimre, Inc. with only an idea for a solution to a very real problem. He did not have clients, a factory or any money at this point and focused the business activities of Kimre, Inc. to include the utilization of materials for which patents were issued worldwide in the control of Air Pollution and by the Chemical Process Industries.

His hard work and determination have indeed been highly successful as the technology for utilization of these products has been extensively developed and is currently used worldwide for diverse applications in Air Pollution Control (APC) and other gas cleaning and liquid cleaning functions.

Mr. Pedersen is happily married to his wife, Terry, and is the proud father of George C. Pedersen III, Mary, Kimberly and Rachelle. He enjoys fishing, traveling, spending time with family and more fishing.

Kimre President

Mary R. Keenan-President

Mary R. Keenan is the President of Kimre, Inc., a manufacturing company that produces materials for clean air technology (pollution abatement equipment).

Mary is one of nine children and grew up in the Philadelphia area.

Mary began her career in 1970 with Glaxo Smith Kline where she worked as a manufacturing planner/scheduler for 18 years.

In 1980, she took a leave of absence, and joined the US Air Force Reserves, where she served as a Sergeant for six years.

She left Glaxo Smith Kline in 1990 to join another Manufacturing and Engineering Design company in the Northeast that specialized in pollution abatement (mist eliminators). She managed Operations and then became the company’s President. She worked 20 plus years for this organization before resigning and joining Kimre, Inc. in 2010 as its President.

Since Mary joined Kimre, sales have increased by a factor of six!

In 2013, Kimre, Inc. relocated to its present Homestead 50,000 sq. ft. facility from a smaller 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Perrine.

Mary now resides in the Homestead, Florida area.

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