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Mist Eliminators

The Basics of a Fiber Bed Filter
Date: 2020-01-09 | Author: Christine McAniff
Fiber bed mist eliminators capture, collect, and remove liquid particle mists, sub-micron particles and harmful aerosols that cause pollution in the atmosphere. This pollution can take form as opacity, smoke, and blue haze. The pollution that is caused by mist is a product of operations of chemical and industrial processes such as, asphalt processing, acid…
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Quality Mist Eliminators, A Solution For Mist In The Paper Industry
Date: 2019-11-19 | Author: Christine McAniff
Profit or Pollution? We live in a world that would baffle even our most recent ancestors. Currently we are in an era where manufactures of goods can produce and ship items in the same week. Consumerism is at an all-time high. Demand for same day delivery is on the rise. Companies all over the world…
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KON-TANE®Scrubber and Tower Packing
Date: 2017-01-10 | Author: Admin
KON-TANE® Scrubber and Tower Packing In unit operations or gas cleaning applications, mass transfer refers to the net movement of a chemical from one phase to another.  Typically, this involves the transfer of a gaseous component into a liquid (more…)
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Fiber Bed Filter Mist Eliminators
Date: 2017-01-05 | Author: Admin
Fiber Bed Filters, also called Candle filters, high efficiency mist eliminator (HEME) filters and Brownian diffusion filters, are used to trap, collect and remove liquids and soluble particulate matter suspended in a gas stream. They are typically (more…)
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