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Scrubbers in the Fertilizer Industry
Date: 2021-02-09 | Author: Christine McAniff
The fertilizer industry calls for different chemical process to manufacture different products. These processes generate gases and particulate matter during the process. Many of these processes could release toxins into the atmosphere. Gas cleaning is a common practice to attempt to eliminate these pollutants. Some of the primary purposes of gas cleaning are to recover…
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Fiber Bed Filtration – Not all Filters are designed the Same
Date: 2020-11-05 | Author: Christine McAniff
Optimal filtration is imperative during times of heavy manufacturing and taxing demands on manufacturing plants. It has never been more important to maintain a line of quality filtration to reduce opacity and emissions. Fiber Bed Filters mist collectors are used to trap, collect, and remove liquids and soluble particulate suspended in a gas stream. Fiber…
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Tower Packing Basic Considerations
Date: 2020-10-15 | Author: Christine McAniff
Manufacturing process turn raw materials into useful products, however, some of the by-products of manufacturing are harmful to the environment. The presence of hundreds of potentially toxic chemical substances in the environment is known as chemical pollution. These pollutants contaminate the water, soil, air, and food. Manufacturing plants, refineries, and wastewater treatment facilities rely on…
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Oil Mist – Not Only a Danger to Your Equipment
Date: 2020-09-14 | Author: Christine McAniff
“Made in the USA” is a wonderful slogan to represent the foundation of a solid manufacturing country. However, while manufacturing is underway, we must consider the effects on the employees and the environment. The process of milling, turning, grinding, and drilling will generate oil mist. If not contained, oil mist will take a toll on…
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