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Ease Your Mind – Choose A Company That Specializes In Mist Elimination
Date: 2020-06-04 | Author: Kevin Selcuk
Mist is not just something in the air on a rainy day. Mist, which is a danger to your health is formed in chemical and other manufacturing processes. When it comes to health and safety, imagine mist as the suspension of chemicals and combustible liquids in lingering the air. It will settle in wherever it…
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Indirect Cooling of Gas Streams
Date: 2020-05-20 | Author: Edward Fowler
Indirect cooling of gas streams is often preferable because it eliminates the possibility of contamination of the stream being cooled. Other times, the versatility of a direct cooler to provide gas cleaning in addition to cooling can provide process benefits, saving time and money. Kimre Kon-Tane® Scrubber and Tower Packing and Kimre B-GON® Mist Eliminators…
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Properly Designed Mist Eliminators Help to Keep Pulmonary Disease at Bay
Date: 2020-03-17 | Author: Christine McAniff
With the world currently focusing on microscopic virus and the harmful lung issues that these viruses can cause; we naturally see people concerned for their respiratory health. This is a good time to look at mist elimination pads and their efficiency to work in keeping us safe from harmful pollutants that can also cause harm…
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Project Management – Essential in Chemical Engineering
Date: 2020-02-14 | Author: Christine McAniff
When a company chooses to sign a contract for a new or a retrofitted scrubber system, a project manager or team of project managers will be appointed. The importance of carrying out this practice should be applied to a project of any size. When retrofitting or supplying internals such as mist eliminators or fiber bed…
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