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Steel strip and other steel or stainless forms are pickled by continuous or batch processing to remove scale and oxides. This is done by treating the metal surface with hydrochloric acid (HCl) or other acid solutions. Kimre Inc. provides high efficiency mist elimination and gaseous emissions control for continuous, semi- continuous and batch process systems.

Continuous steel pickling processing consists of pressurized liquids sprays and motive air handling systems. A push/pull air draw off system is more complex than that for a ducting hood draw-up that is typically found in batch pickling systems.

Mist and droplet sizes can vary based on the motive air system. Usually with more air/liquid energy input, smaller acid mist particle size is generated, making higher removal efficiency more difficult. For any pickling process the mist abatement must conform to current statutory controls.

Kimre technology provides “Best Available Technology” for new as well as retrofits of current and/or systems out of compliance. Kimre™ Technology has demonstrated efficient and economical emission controls in this industry for over 40 years. Many original equipment manufacturers (OEM) design their scrubbing systems with Kimre’s B-GON® Mist Eliminators, KON-TANE® Tower Packing, and Fiber Bed Diffusion Filters to meet any performance level required.

Kimre Technology™ products attain mist and particulate recovery from both cool and warm laden air streams. Kimre Technology™ scrubbers can provide capture and neutralization of acid particles ranging from the smallest sub-micron aerosols to large dust-laden droplets.

While providing the lowest emission levels, Kimre technology also offers other significant advantages to other technologies, including:

  • Less Susceptible to fouling
  • Easy to Clean
  • Able to be retro-fitted and modified to meet ever-changing emission standards

Let Kimre’s experienced engineering staff and industry specialists review your process application and allow us to custom design the most optimal, cost-effective separation solution based upon your needs, limitations, and requirements.

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