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Nitrogenous fertilizers are used as sources of nitrogen in agriculture. It is one of the vital ingredients for crop growth and soil health. The most common form of nitrogenous fertilizers are nitrogen solutions (i.e. UAN), anhydrous ammonia, and solid urea. Urea had the most dramatic gain in recent market share as ammonium nitrate steadily decreased over the last five decades. With the recent low cost shale gas, the United States experienced a surge in new plants for ammonia and urea production. The urea granulation process discharges particulate matter (PM) and ammonia in the off-gases with ever stringent emission requirements.

Kimre supplied SXF™ Semi-Cross Flow granulation and cooler scrubbers to the largest North American producers and has recently met the lowest ever emissions in urea granulation in the world. The Kimre™ Technology provides stage-wise separation and removal of contaminants while recovering valuable products to the process thus utilizing minimum amount of fresh water.

While providing the lowest emission levels, Kimre technology also offers other significant advantages to other technologies such as joy-type and tray-type scrubbers, including:

  • Less Susceptibility to fouling
  • Easy to Clean
  • Able to be retrofitted and modified to meet ever-changing emission standards

In addition to urea granulation, Kimre has many other successful installations for the nitrogenous fertilizer market, including:

  • Urea prill
  • Ammonium nitrate granulation and prill
  • Calcium ammonium nitrate

Let Kimre’s experienced engineering staff and industry specialists review your process application and allow us to custom design the most optimal, cost-effective separation solution based upon your needs, limitations, and requirements.

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