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Chrome plating involves the electrolytic deposition of chromium onto metal components. Plating baths of hexavalent chromic acid are the most widely used in the industry. These baths produce very fine mists of chromic acid which must be controlled. Airborne emissions of hexavalent chrome are facing increasingly stringent pollution abatement requirements.
In almost all applications where high efficiency control of hexavalent chromium is required for regulatory compliance, Kimre’s B-GON® Mist Eliminator Systems featuring its composite mesh-pad designs have been used. EPA-sponsored test results have shown that Kimre systems exceed the most stringent requirement in the U.S. and around the world. Our designs achieve emissions below 0.002 mg/m3.

Composite mesh-pad technology has been determined to be the most effective control technique and represents the most reasonable approach to controlling emissions of chromic acid from all hard chrome plating operations. Further, our systems provide the lowest economic impact to the customer when compared to other competing technologies. We manufacture highly effective chrome scrubbers for collection of chromic acid in chrome plating applications.

Kimre designs typically incorporate several stages of our composite mesh-pads. Each stage provides progressively higher efficiency. The initial stages provide coarse separation and the bulk removal of the chromic acid mists. Our intermediate stage provides greater than 99% collection of all droplets down to 1 micron in size. This level of performance is required to meet the most stringent emission limits. However, the stage is also protected from fouling and maintenance due to the stage-wise separation of the droplets.

Our composite B-GON® mesh-pads are provided in removable cassettes which allow for ease of cleaning and maintenance, when necessary. This feature allows the B-GON Pads to be cleaned and re-used for many years, providing cost-effective solutions for your plating emission needs.
Let Kimre engineers review your process emission needs. We are happy to provide the best, most cost-effective designs of chrome scrubbers to meet your requirements.

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