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Ammonium Nitrate prilling towers, neutralizers, and evaporators and Nitric Acid plants often require removal of solid and liquid particles . These particles result in unwanted emissions and high opacity at the exhaust stack. Kimre B-GON® Mist Eliminators and Fiber Bed Filters can reduce emissions and provide cost effective control of Ammonium Nitrate and Nitric Acid emissions.

Prill Towers

In prill towers . Kimre Fiber Bed Mist Filters are traditionally used in the tops of the towers, at the point where air is exhausted from the tower. Since Fiber Bed Mist Filters work by coalescing the sub-micron mist into larger droplets that drain from the filter, the ammonium nitrate mist can be recovered and recycled to the process.


Poor gas distribution through ammonium nitrate granulator scrubbers can cause considerable droplet and particulate entrainment. Knitte mesh and chevron separators do not always effectively handle maldistribution of the gas stream. B-GON® Mist Eliminator Pads can be installed to improve efficiency and reduce pressure drop. Typically, B-GON® Mist Eliminator Pads are designed for 99% collection efficiency of all particulates and droplets greater than 10 micron in diameter.


Steam is produced by the exothermic reaction, separated from the ammonium nitrate solution, and vented from the reaction vessel. Steam is also produced during the concentration of the solution, a step which is necessary for the conversion to solid prills. Both of these streams of steam carry ammonium nitrate mist that often must be removed before the steam can be re-used in the process or disposed of.

Kimre can provide B-GON® Mist Eliminators, Fiber Bed Filters along with complete SXF™ Semi-Cross Flow Scrubber systems. Our equipment is designed to meet the specific requirements of the stream being treated from 99% removal of 10 micron and larger particles to 99.9% plus removal of sub-micron particles.

Nitric Acid

Metal knitted mesh mist eliminators corrode quickly. Fluoropolymer knitted mesh in Nitric Acid service shows a tendency to cold flow over long periods of time, eventually compacts, and will not handle the liquid load and gas velocity required. This results in entrainment with resultant severe downstream corrosion and loss of product. Kimre B-GON® Mist Eliminators made from ETFE and PFA provide the highest level of corrosion resistance and the unique interlaced design provides the best stability for long term performance.

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