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AEROSEP®Multi-Stage Aerosol Separation System

The AEROSEP® system is specifically designed for the collection of hygroscopic, submicron particles (or “aerosols”) as small as 0.2 µm in diameter. The AEROSEP® Technology utilizes particle growth via nucleated condensation and a stage-wise collection approach to meet the most stringent removal efficiency requirements.Typically, a system is comprised of four stages. Stage 1 is a pre-conditioning stage designed for gas saturation and removal of particles that are 3 µm and larger in diameter. Stage 2 is a particle growth stage where the nucleated condensation of aerosols takes place, enlarging the aerosols to particles of 1µm in size. Stage 3 coalesces or agglomerates the enlarged particles in a coalescing B-GON® Mist Eliminator to approximately 10-12 µm in diameter which are then removed in Stage 4, an entrainment separator B-GON® Mist Eliminator.

The AEROSEP® is a proven technology for emission control in various applications such as flue gas clean-up in municipal solid waste burning, coal-fired power generation, nitrogenous fertilizer and semiconductor industries, but many other processes can benefit from this technology.

AEROSEP® Features

  • High submicron removal efficiency, guaranteed to meet increasingly stringent emission standards
  • Flexible vessel size and shape
  • Modular vessel fabrication provides quick delivery and installation
  • Flexible component adaptability: KON-TANE® and B-GON® designs can be exchanged for optimized or reduced performance
  • Simplified maintenance with:
    • Easy installation and removal of KON-TANE® and B-GON® utilizing PANTS HANGER™ cassette or BATTEN BAR™ module assemblies
    • Removable spray lances
    • On-line cleaning service of KON-TANE® and B-GON®
  • In one common vessel, each stage can function individually, as a subsystem, to:
    • Treat different pollutants without cross-contamination
    • Independently control liquid-to-gas (L/G) ratio
    • Recover different solution concentrations
    • Apply cooling or heating, addition or removal of liquids
  • Low operating costs: longer up-time, energy savings and minimized maintenance costs


Comparison of an AEROSEP® to a wet electrostatic precipitator and an ionizing scrubber: initial capital expenditure for the AEROSEP® is significantly lower than the competition.

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