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Our Technology

Kimre technology provides total package solutions to many air cleaning challenges. By incorporating mist elimination, particle collection, absorption, and other operations into a system, Kimre can let you meet the most stringent emission limits in the world. SXF™ Semi-Cross Flow scrubbers and AEROSEP® Multi-Stage Aerosol Separation Systems can be used either separately or together to remove particulate down to the sub-micron range and a variety of gaseous contaminants. Kimre Fiber Bed Filter Systems range from single filter tank vent units handling organic or acid mists to large scale systems handling organic or acid mists from a variety of manufacturing operations. Kimre is the only manufacturer to offer this wide variety of mist elimination technologies in our gas cleaning systems.

  • Fiber Bed Filters

    Fiber Bed Filters

    KImre, Inc. Fiber Bed Filters are designed to provide the final user with many years of optimal performance and minimal operation or maintenance requirements. We can provide complete Fiber Bed Filters Systems for flow rates from 10 CFM to 250,000 CFM (15 Cubic Meters/Hr to 425,000 Cubic Meters/Hr). Smaller single

  • SXF™<span class='menu-sub-heading'>Semi-Crossflow Scrubber</span>

    SXF™Semi-Crossflow Scrubber

    The Kimre’s SXF™ Semi-Cross Flow Scrubber is a horizontal cross flow scrubber featuring Kimre™ Technology. The term “semi cross-flow” refers to the scrubbing liquid running down the mesh as the gas flows through it perpendicularly. The SXF™ provides a unique solution for superior performance

  • AEROSEP®<span class='menu-sub-heading'>Multi-Stage Aerosol Separation System</span>

    AEROSEP®Multi-Stage Aerosol Separation System

    The AEROSEP® system is specifically designed for the collection of hygroscopic, submicron particles (or “aerosols”) as small as 0.2 µm in diameter. The AEROSEP® Technology utilizes particle growth via nucleated condensation and a stage-wise collection approach to meet the most