Clean air technologies have become important for creating a cleaner environment for the future generations. It should be implemented by the various industries.
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Prevent the Dangers of Drift by Installing a Drift Eliminator in your Cooling Tower
Date: 2018-07-13 | Author: Christine McAniff
Water, essential to live. Essential to cool your equipment. Essential to maintain your cooling tower in optimal working order. However, water in the form of drift can be costly, dangerous and deadly. Naturally cooling towers have a normal amount of evaporation. An abundance of evaporation can result in a major expense as well as the…
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Mist Eliminator Filter: For Improved Work Environment And Productivity
Date: 2018-07-05 | Author: Kimre
The mist eliminator filter is a very important component that’s been seeing increasing use in many industrial processes. Its primary purpose is to filter gas streams, removing mist and heavy liquid particles from them. The benefits from it are twofold. First, the removal of mist from gas streams means less harm to the environment, as otherwise…
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Why Your Cooling Tower Should Have Drift Eliminator?
Date: 2018-06-25 | Author: Kimre
If you have a cooling tower on your facility to remove heat from your operations, you should be using a drift eliminator to keep toxic chemical compounds out of the surrounding environment. Most cooling towers should be fitted with a drift eliminator as way of protecting the natural environment, according to the Federal Energy Management…
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The Salient Features of Demister Pads
Date: 2018-06-12 | Author: Kimre
Demister pads or mist eliminators are used to keep large water droplets from circulating throughout a facility. They trap the excess moisture in the air and keep these water droplets from advancing beyond a certain point. Typically, these water droplets are contaminated with toxic chemicals that pose a threat to the rest of the facility…
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